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Real Estate Law

Whether you are looking to buy or sell a residential or commercial piece of real estate, the law office of Mikel J. Hoffman in Babylon can help you throughout the entire process. We’ve helped represent landlords and tenants in negotiations, building owners in drafting and reviewing leases and subleases, and other parties through complex real estate issues.

Aiding You in Your Real Estate Legal Matters in Babylon

We’ve helped a great deal of clients with an array of different real estate transaction issues including purchase and sales disputes, landlord-tenant disputes, and purchase and sales disputes. We have the expertise and resources necessary to find solutions to your issues and make the transaction of real estate as stress-free as possible. We will make sure, through all steps of the process, that your interests are protected and that the necessary documentation is done correctly. Trust our 30 years of experience and success to aid you in any real estate legal issue you may be facing.

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